Here Are The Rules For Fuck Buddies (#3 is law!)

At some point, you’ve wanted to try out or have already had a fuck buddy — a person you only see for sex, no strings attached. Sometimes, however, people get caught up in the sex and end up mistaking it for feelings, or worse, you actually do catch feelings. This only happens, though, if you get into a fuck buddy relationship with someone you already kind of like or have a crush on.
So if you’re looking for tips to maintain a fuck buddy and what exactly you should do to make sure it goes smoothly, I have some rules for you.
1. Have no expectations
Your fuck buddy is not your boyfriend/girlfriend, so it’s important to remember that they don’t have to do anything, nor owe you anything outside of sex, and even then, they still don’t. A good, mutual friends with benefits relationship knows that there should be no expectations on either side to not get disappointed especially if you meet on a casual fuck app.
This means that say you have a great night of sex with your fuck buddy, and then they leave. You should not say something like, “Will you hit me up again soon?” If you don’t hear from them immediately after, it doesn’t mean they’re going to ghost you — people get busy, and besides, they have no attachment to you other than sex, so it’s not like they need to check up with you afterward.
Enjoy the person for the time being, and enjoy the sex you have. It’ll keep coming if you’re both into it and make the most of it.
2. Be respectful

Even though you have no reason to treat this person like a significant other, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them with basic human decency. That means, don’t share anything they share with you with others, be it nude pics or secrets. What happens in your bedroom (or phone) should stay in the bedroom.
You also shouldn’t mistreat your fuck buddy or fuck with their emotions on purpose. Yes, they know what they’re getting into, but you also don’t need to be a dick. Don’t make them like you more than a fuck buddy, only to turn and break their heart when they start to catch feelings.
3. See other people
I can’t stress how important this rule is. If you end up only ever seeing your fuck buddy and relying on them for sex, you’re bound to become attached to them in some way.
This is why it’s important that you still date around and hook up with other people — after all, you are single! It should be a mutual understanding between the two of you that you’re not exclusive, and you shouldn’t feel some type of way when your fuck buddy hooks up with someone else. Of course, you should be safe, and both parties should disclose of anything they might have caught or have had in the past, but it’s none of your business who they see outside of you.
4. Be honest
Fucking someone with no strings attached ironically gives you a larger responsibility for honesty than some relationships would. You have to be able to express what you’re feeling to your fuck buddy so that things go smoothly and without confusion. If there’s something you don’t like about the relationship, you should tell them. If you’re over and you’re hungry, you should tell them. If you find yourself not wanting to be in a fuck buddy relationship with them anymore, you should tell them.
5. Don’t get too personal
Don’t treat them like they are or let them into your life like they are. Unless you have established the fact that neither of you will catch feelings, and you can trust them as a friend, I’d suggest not inviting them into your personal life.
So don’t bring them around your closest friends and family, and don’t do or share things with them that you would with a partner.