DVI to HDMI Cables

Our DVI to HDMI cable is specially designed for connecting your computers DVI output into your hi-def Plasma or LCD TV. We use premium grade material for our cable components and jackets. Our gold plated connectors ensure better connectivity, signal strength and cable-life longevity. Our DVI to HDMI cables are bi-directional, so you can send a signal from HDMI to DVI too. Set up your Multimedia Center like a professional, with the high quality cables you expect from us. 


Note that this cable is NOT an ordinary HDMI® cable. This is specifically for connecting a device with an HDMI® connector to another device equipped with a Single Link DVI-D connector, typically found on PCs, projectors, and older video equipment before the HDMI® standard became widespread. These cables can NOT carry audio. They carry video signals only!