Optimized cables are specially designed for hi-def video/audio signals for home theater applications and professional home theater installations.

Most companies today are selling cables that were originally created for computer applications or non-home theater situations. 

All of our cables are made for home theater in mind using the highest quality cabling, jacket materials, and gold plating for better connectivity, longevity, and signal strength.

Why Gold Plated Connectors? 

Many people wonder if they need Gold Plated connectors. Golf Plated connectors resist corrosion 100 times better than non-plated connectors.

Many home theater applications require that cables are installed inside walls, fireplace chases, or other moisture-rich areas.

Using Gold Plated connectors assures that you will not have any future corrosion issues that may result in signal loss. 

Do I need a super thick or fancy-looking cable? 

As you may notice, some cables sold at electronic retail stores possess a cable that is twice as thick as a standard DVI or HDMI cable.

This is done to make the cable appear to be more “high quality”. Because the cable jacket is much thicker, buyers often think that the signal may be better and spend up to three times as much money.

The truth is however that a thicker cable or thicker cable jacket cannot produce a better signal. In fact, professional installers shy away from these types of cables.

These fancy retail store-purchased cables are much more difficult to install, fish through walls and hide behind hanging Plasma and LCD monitors. Many of these retail style cables also have snake style or soft fancy covers that look really expensive but do not fair well inside moisture-rich wall chases in homes.

The best cable you can purchase is one that is totally encased in a PVC-style jacket that keeps the cable completely protected from moisture and cold.

This style of cable will last the longest and provide the best signal for the long haul. The last thing you want to be doing is ripping open your walls to replace a corroded cable a few years down the line.